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Strata Insurance

Strata Insurance

Safeguard Your Investment: Strata/Community Title Insurance Explained

Owning a unit in a strata or community title scheme offers fantastic lifestyle benefits, but shared ownership comes with responsibilities. Strata/Community Title Insurance protects your investment by covering the building, common areas, and even potential liabilities.

Peace of Mind for Unexpected Events

Imagine a fire damaging the building's roof. Strata insurance ensures repairs are covered, minimizing disruption and protecting your property value. It also shields you from personal liability if someone gets injured on common property.

Benefits Beyond Building Protection

Strata/Community Title Insurance goes beyond bricks and mortar. Coverage often extends to:

- Public Liability: Protects the body corporate from legal claims if someone gets injured on common property.
- Loss of Rent: Reimburses lost rental income if your unit becomes uninhabitable due to an insured event.
- Office Bearers Liability: Provides cover for committee members against legal action related to their management decisions.

Don't leave your investment vulnerable. Get a Strata/Community Title Insurance quote today!

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