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Providing Everything You Need to Protect You and Your Business

Protect your trade with comprehensive traders insurance. Our policy covers business interruption, property damage, legal liability, and more. Get a quote today!

Traders Insurance

Trades insurance is a specialized commercial insurance package designed for tradies. It protects your business against lawsuits for property damage or injuries caused by your work (public liability), covers your tools and equipment, and can even include income protection in case of illness or injury.

Industrial Special Risks (ISR) Insurance

Industrial Special Risks Insurance

Industrial Special Risks (ISR) insurance offers comprehensive coverage for high-value assets and business disruptions. It goes beyond standard policies, protecting property, machinery, and even lost income if an insured event occurs. This minimizes financial risk for complex businesses with valuable operations.

Contractors, Contract Work, Contract Work Insurance

Contract Works

Contract Works insurance protects your construction project against unforeseen events like fire, theft, or storms. It covers repairs and rebuilds, protecting your finances and ensuring project completion.

Commercial motor insurance

Commercial Motor Insurance

Commercial motor insurance safeguards your business finances by covering damage to your vehicles, injuries to others, and theft. It minimizes downtime and protects you from unexpected costs after accidents or mishaps on the road.

Farm Insurance, Crop Insurance

Farm Insurance

Farm insurance safeguards your operation from financial losses. It covers structures, equipment, livestock, and even liability if someone gets hurt on your property. Imagine a fire destroying your barn - insurance would help rebuild. It's peace of mind for unexpected events.

Marine cargo insurance, Marine cargo

Marine cargo insurance

Marine cargo insurance safeguards your goods during transport, covering loss or damage from loading at origin to unloading at destination. It protects your business finances from perils like storms, collisions, or theft, ensuring peace of mind throughout your supply chain.

Shield your investment property from unexpected threats. Commercial property insurance by M&O Insurance Brokers offers customizable coverage for offices, retail spaces & more. [Commercial property insurance], [business insurance], [retail insurance], [office insurance]

Commercial property insurance

Commercial property insurance safeguards your building, contents, and lost income if damaged by fire, theft, or other covered events. It minimises financial burden and helps ensure business continuity after unforeseen incidents.

Cyber risk, Cyber Insurance, Cyber

Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance acts like a safety net for businesses attacked online. It covers costs like fixing damage from hackers, notifying customers of data breaches, and even legal fees. With this protection, businesses can bounce back from cyber threats without financial ruin.

Strata Insurance, Community Title Insurance, Building Protection, Public Liability Insurance, Investment Protection, Body Corporate Insurance

Strata Insurance

Strata/Community Title Insurance protects buildings and common areas in group living situations. It covers things like repairs from fire or flood, and liability if someone gets hurt on the property. It helps ensure peace of mind for residents and the body corporate managing the property.

Public Liability

Public Liability

Business public liability insurance protects your business if a customer or visitor gets hurt or their property damaged due to your negligence. It covers compensation costs and legal fees, helping you avoid financial ruin from unexpected lawsuits.

professional indemnity insurance, liability insurance, negligence, breach of duty, financial loss, legal defense, reputation protection

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional indemnity insurance protects businesses that provide advice or services, like accountants or consultants. If a client sues for negligence (mistakes) causing them financial loss, this insurance covers legal costs and any compensation owed. It acts like a safety net for unexpected expenses arising from errors or omissions in your professional work.

Business Insurance Business Insurance Package

Business Insurance

Business insurance acts like a safety net, catching financial blows from unexpected events. It covers things like property damage, customer injuries, and even lost income from disruptions.

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